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By Michael Anissimov

This consultant explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is frequently seen as a compulsory process for any civilized kingdom, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political thought, and cognitive psychology, that says another way.

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The upward trend has held steady for more than a hundred years. In 2013, the US government budget was $3,454 billion. 25% of that went to Medicare and Medicaid, 23% to Social Security, 18% to Defense, 17% to Non-Defense Discretionary Spending, 11% to “Other Mandatory”, and 6% to Net Interest. In the United States, there is nominally a conflict between conservatives, who are allegedly for small government, and liberals, who are for more government services, but in fact both sides are in favor of large government.

Unlike in the case of a king, who can quantify his kingdom's long-term potential for earnings and has the private incentive to maximize them for the long term, a president only has the incentive to maximize immediate resource consumption to accomplish his goals. In other words, to maximize current income at the expense of capital values. A president, unlike a king, only owns the current use of government resources—not their capital value. Therefore, he has no incentive to be a long-term custodian for the capital value of the government, which he does not own.

We can call this “the challenge of civilization”. The first cities such as Eridu and Uruk in Mesopotamia had populations between about 4,000 and 10,000 people. Individuals could still only have about 150 stable social relationships, but now lived in societies where the total number of individuals was much greater than that. This must have been an unusual experience for the first individuals to aggregate in this manner, or perhaps it was too incremental to notice. Beginning with Sumerian civilization, three sectors of society began to differentiate; institutional households, communal households, and private households (van die Mieroop 1997).

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