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By Mary E. Williams

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Since 1973, more than 38 million unborn children have been systematically aborted in the United States—an occurrence that Cunningham maintains is a veritable modern-day holocaust. Moreover, today’s justifications for abortion—such as the claim that fetuses are not persons or will place undue burdens on society—echo historical justifications for American slavery, racist lynchings, and the Jewish holocaust, the author contends. Cunningham is the director of the Los Angeles–based Center for BioEthical Reform, an anti-abortion advocacy organization.

Exegesis does not permit us to take a passage that deals with a specific situation or issue and turn it into a partisan or modern abortion text. ” Fact: Jesus never mentioned abortion or sanctity of life. Nowhere in the Scriptures is there any reference to sacredness or sanctity or respect for fetal life. ” It is characteristic of both Jewish and Christian Scripture that one must be born to be respected or to participate in the holy. Just what does “sanctity of life” mean? Does it mean that all life must be treated with reverence and respect?

Never mind that it is the selfish desires of born people which really motivate the “magnanimous” killing of the unborn. And so it was with Jefferson’s oppression of his slaves. But Jefferson was as embarrassed by his avarice as are today’s pro-aborts. Dumas Malone, in his book The Sage of Monticello, describes the head games Jefferson played with the euphemisms he employed to rationalize his ownership of slaves: He resented the designation of these unfortunate human beings as property. He did not even like to call them slaves.

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