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By Leanne K. Currie-McGhee

ISBN-10: 1420500783

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The single dose and follow-up can be given for as little as ten dollars. Another way to reduce transmission is for an infected woman to have a cesarean section rather than a vaginal birth. A cesarean section reduces the infant’s exposure to blood and mucous membranes, both of which can transmit HIV. A serious problem is that 95 percent of women who are HIVpositive and pregnant live in developing countries. The majority of these women cannot afford treatment. In Africa only 1 percent of mothers with HIV receive the recommended treatment.

HIV-infected people and their supporters fight this stigma so that they can live as normal lives as possible. Fear Causes Stigma Studies show that people around the world are uncomfortable being around HIV-infected people. A global study of nine countries 48 The AIDS Stigma conducted by MAC AIDS Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with HIV, found that nearly half of the people surveyed were uncomfortable working alongside those who have the disease. Another 52 percent did not want to live in the same house with someone who is HIV-positive.

Carol Gertz recalls: Alison had gotten sick that summer, and they tested her for everything: lymphoma, Hodgkin’s, you name it. But they never tested her for HIV because they never thought this disease could be transmitted through heterosexual sex. And if you were a woman and not an intravenous drug user you couldn’t get this disease. 17 Alison Gertz died of AIDS in 1992 at age twenty-six. When HIV/AIDS first was identified, women like Gertz were not considered in danger of contracting the disease.

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