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By Christine Adamec

ISBN-10: 1438138202

ISBN-13: 9781438138206

ISBN-10: 1604135301

ISBN-13: 9781604135305

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That was just crazy talk. Addiction experts report that an addiction to stimulants, especially a dependence on methamphetamine, can be very difficult to overcome. Those who are addicted to stimulants enjoy the euphoria that the drugs bring them, and to the addict, the highs of stimulant use are worth nearly any cost. As a result, the therapist must teach the addict to detach the joys of life from the use of methamphetamine and amphetamine, helping them learn that experiencing normal life with its ups and downs is a better way to live than depending on the feelings that stimulants induce as well as the many negative consequences that addiction can cause to their minds and bodies.

Pdf. Accessed December 1, 2010. Reprinted from Mark Rose, Methamphetamine Abuse and Dependence. : CME Resource. Copyright 2008; used with permission from CME Resource. How Amphetamines Work in the Body 45 A Higher Sensitivity to Amphetamines May Increase Abuse Risk Some research indicates that some individuals, particularly those who are high sensation seekers, may be more likely to become abusers of amphetamines. In general, sensation seekers are those who seek out new and novel experiences that they perceive as exciting.

However, some research has shown naltrexone, a ­medication approved by the FDA to treat alcohol dependence, is ­effective in treating dependence on amphetamines. In a study in Sweden, 55 patients addicted to amphetamines were treated with naltrexone or placebo. The researchers found subjects in the naltrexone group had a significantly greater number of amphetaminefree urine samples than the placebo group. Naltrexone apparently blocks the “high” addicts receive from amphetamines as well as significantly decreasing craving for the drug.

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Amphetamines and Methamphetamine by Christine Adamec

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